Front Office - Menu Screen (Main Window)


Once you've logged in, the next thing you'll see is the Menu Screen. (Note: if you've opted to have your floor plan appear first, that will be in a pop-up window in front of the Menu Screen. You can select your table or exit the floor plan to make the pop-up window disappear.)

This is the main screen you will interact with in Front Office, where you process orders from your menu and finalise payments.


Here's a picture of the front Menu Screen of a typical Café: 





As you can see above, the screen is separated into a few areas, each of which contains different functions and/or information. Almost all of these are configurable! Here is a quick rundown of the different areas of the screen:

  1. Menu Grid: This is the grid where you'll do the bulk of your work. Your items, modifiers and adjustments will appear here, and you will select them when placing orders. The Menu Grid is 6 x 7 spaces, and completely configurable. Almost anything you can think of (functions, sublists, discounts etc) can appear in the Menu Grid.
  2. Sublist menu: Your sublists work like folders on a computer. As you touch each of these buttons, a new Menu Grid page will appear. Sublist buttons are usually purple, and the button text will be underlined.  
  3. Order Grid: As you select items, (along with adjustments and modifiers), they will appear in a list in the Order Grid on the right hand side of the screen. Once an item appears in the Order Grid, it can be customised further - just select the item by tapping it (it will appear highlighted) and apply the changes you need.
  4. Course Groupings: If you wish to nominate a course for items, or change which course an item should be served with, you can do so by selecting the item, and then selecting the course from the Course Groupings above the Order Grid. The names of these can be customised depending on your service.
  5. Order Process List: This is a small group of functions specific to ordering, that appears just below the Order Grid. Again, these can be customised to suit your style of service.
  6. Number Pad: The number pad allows you to apply numeric values to functions and assists ordering. It is flanked by quick pay buttons as well as configurable functions.
  7. Function Grid: This is where you'll see the most common functions that you and your staff use. Payment methods, bill printing, tables, tabs and membership admin are all examples of functions commonly put here. Because of the vast number of functions available to you, extra functions (usually the more managerial and administrative options) are located in the ‘More Functions’ Sublist.
  8. Info Bar: This contains important information about the current order (the one currently appearing in the order grid). Information such as sub-total, time, order/table/tab number, discounts and surcharges will all appear here. If you are using Price Actions/Price Rules (eg Happy Hour pricing at set times/dates), you'll see when those Rules are active here.


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