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View our Menu Design Tutorial Back Office video here.


Menu Design: Menu design is where the Front Office menu is designed, the arrangement of all buttons that can be placed on the menu cells can be completed here.

Here is where you can change the design of the menu as it appears in Front Office.

You can search for the items to add to the menu, you can add them to the menu cells and change their colour if required.

To make changes to the Menu Design, head to POS Functions and select Menu Design.

To add a button to the menu;

Search for the item you would like to add to the menu

  • Choose the type of item (for example, items, modifiers, adjusters, sub-lists…) you are searching for by selecting from the type dropdown list.
  • You can search by either item number or item name,
  • Drag the item you wish to add to the menu to the appropriate place on the menu.

Note – If you drag an item to a button where another item is placed it will take the place of the other button.

To remove a button from the menu;

  • Drag the button you wish to remove to the recycle bin.

Note – Deleting an item does not delete it from back office, it only removes it from the menu. Items cannot be retrieved from the recycle bin, if an item is deleted you must search for it as above and drag it back onto the menu.

To Change the colour of a button;

  • Select the colour you would like the button to be and drag it to the appropriate button.

Selecting the Menu Tab allows you to edit the Main menu section of the menu

Selecting the Function List tab allows you to edit all your function lists;

  • Function list, allows you to add functions that are often used and allows quick and easy access to them
  • The Pay Methods List, allows you to select which different payment options will appear when payment options are selected.
  • Quick pay list allows you to edit the buttons that appear on the list to the left side of the keyboard
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