Course Grouping

Along the top of the order grid there are five buttons that have been provided the default names of Entrée, Main, Dessert, Course 4 and Course 5.

These are for your course groupings, and can be used to organise the dishes that have been ordered. The column to identify this is marked 'C' in the order grid. Unless specified, it will display as course 2. If you are not using course settings as a general rule, then this will have little bearing on your service.

However, to change the course setting of an item in the order grid, simply highlight the item in the grid and select the course grouping you desire. This will change the number under the 'C' column and force a change on the printed docket for the kitchen.

NB: This won't change the order of the order grid items but will be printed with a page break between each course.

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