What discounts does our system offer you: 


There are 4 different discounts that can be added using this discount function;

  1. Discount an item by a fixed dollar amount
  2. Discount an item by a percentage amount
  3. Discount the entire check/bill by a fixed dollar amount
  4. Discount the entire check/bill by a percentage

Generally speaking most discounts will be applied as a percentage amount to the bill. Obviously there are exceptions to this.

To add a discount

Firstly navigate to the discount menu and select 'add discount'.

Determine the amount of your discount (20%) and add this to the value field. You don't need to type the '%' figure here.

Next you can select the type of discount that this value will be from the drop down list below. You can choose either dollar value or percentage value of an item OR check/bill.

Once this is selected you'll need to assign the correct authority to this discount. Here you'll be determining which staff can access and apply this discount.

Impos recommends that each discount is set to a minimum of 'manager' as an authority. This will mean that any user under the authority level of manager will be prevented from using the discount.

Once you are happy with the parameters of the discount click save and close the window.

The discount will need to be added to the menu design. Impos Menu Designers usually add these in the 'More Functions' Sublist near the 'Void discount' Buttons.

For more info on Menu Design click here

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