Payment Methods

It would be unusual for a venue to create a new payment type other than the presets that are on the system. These can be utilised by dragging the pay methods into the meu design from the relevant search criteria. Before you go ahead with this, it's best that you contact ImPOS Support for the best advice on how to impliment this.

To add a new Payment Method

Select the Add Payment Method tab

Fill in the required fields;Payment Name – The name you would like to give to this payment type.

Payment Type – Select a payment type from the dropdown list provided.

Tips popup – Select this if you will accept tips from this payment method.

Note – If selected any amount entered for the payment type over the amount of the check will be assumed by the system to be tips. Do Not select tips popup for cash payment types as no change will be displayed; the amount of change will be recorded as tips.

Select save to save your payment type.

To edit a payment type select the payment type you wish to edit from the list provided modify the desired fields and click ‘Update’ to save your changes

To delete a payment type select the payment type you wish to delete from the list provided and select ‘Delete’.

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