Adding And Editing A Member

The Membership module is situated in Back Office and the best way to edit and update Membership information. 

 To add a Member in Back office

Membership Module -> Member Management

Select the ‘Add Member’ tab.
Fill in the required fields as desired
Card type – Select the card type this member will hold.
Card ID – highlight this field and swipe the members card, or enter your unique identifier.
Expiry date – Select the expiry date of the membership.
Used amount, amount, and points – Display the current state of the members card.
Add personal information as required.
Term Amount – The amount the card holder must pay every term to keep the card active
Term – Tick this box to activate the charge per term charge function. Note – The amount of time in within a term is set
Hold – Tick this box if the membership is to be place on hold for any reason.
Click ‘Save’ to save the new member.
To edit an existing member, select the member from the list provided, edit the details as required, click ‘Update’ to save your changes.

 Member rebate

Member rebate gives you the ability to rebate all active members, currently viewed in the Left Panel. You can limit the amount of members rebated by using the Filters at the top of the screen.

Enter the dollar amount you would like to rebate all the members.
Click ‘Apply’ to action your request.

 Replacement Membership Card

This functionality would be used if a member has lost their swipe card.

Select the member from the list provided.
Highlight the ‘New Member ID’ field.
Swipe the new member card.
Select ‘Save’ to save the new member card.

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