As the most common form of service in restaurants, table service relies on a simple and well-structured floor plan. Impos software allows you to create a floor plan with multiple tabs to avoid having to make changes for every function or event.

You can access the floor plan by pressing the table button in the main function grid.

This will then display a floor plan that can be configured to match your restaurant layout by changing the size and location of the tables. 

The floor plan can be configured to appear immediately after each user logs in, forcing staff to assign orders to tables.

To order to a table, double tap the table and enter the covers. This will take you to the order grid where the information bar will show that the order is ‘pointing’ to the table selected. The user can now order items, and then press send order to save the items to the table and send to the printers.

For a full description of the table functions, click here.

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