Modifiers allow the user to change certain attributes of an item.  For example, you may wish to have more pineapple on a pizza, steak cooked rare, or soy milk in a latte.

Note – Modifiers do not represent individual items in the menu that can be ordered separately. Modifiers represent modifications to individual menu items.  

Adding a Modifier

Select the ‘Add Modifier’ tab     

Fill in the details as required;

Name 1 – The name of the modifier
Name 2 – The name that will appear on the PDA menu or the alternative language name of an item if a language other than English is being used.
Print Name – The name that will appear on Kitchen dockets
Select ‘Save’ to save the new Modifier

Note - it is not necessary to select a printer for a modifier as they will print with the Item they are associated with.

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