Sub Lists are used to organise your menu design by grouping items and their relevant adjusters and modifiers together.

The best way to think of Sublists is as you would folders on a computer.

In Front Office you'll see on the far left that there's a designated space for sublists that are commonly used.

To create a new Sublist

Open a Sublists in the Menu Design drop down menu.

Select 'Auto' and this will automatically create a new sublist number.

Type the name of the sublist you're creating

Select the 'Save New' button and the new sublist will appear in the field on the lefthand side of the window.

Close the window and navigate to POS Functions and open Menu Design

Select 'Sublist' in the search criteria and drag the selected sublist into the desired cell.

Advanced Sublist Features

Price Set overview – If you would like everything on this list to use prices in a particular price set, select the desired price set from this section.

Note – make sure all relevant items have values set in the relevant price set. It's best to use this carefully and to  make sure all relevant items have values set in the relevant price set. The sublist will not rename any Items, it will only shift the price set. To direct the whole system to an alternative price set it's best to use Price Actions and Price Rules.

Course Overview - You can set a Sub-List to a particular Course in the Course Overview section. If this option is selected all items in the Sub-List will appear in the selected course on kitchen dockets.

Courses are defaulted to Entrée,  Main and Dessert with two spare courses marked Course 4 and Course 5.

Talk to ImPOS support to edit the names of courses.

List type – For a standard sub list select ‘sub-list’, to create a list that will be used for an Auto Modifier list select ‘Modi-List’. There is a full tutorial around Auto Modifiers here.

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