Front Office - Sublists

Sublists work like folders on a computer for your menu, and the majority of them will appear in the Sublist Menu to the left of the Menu Grid.

Having said this, Sublists can be placed anywhere on the Menu Grid. The examples below show a couple of scenarios:

a) A Coffee Modifiers Sublist nested inside your Coffee/Tea Sublist; and

b) where there are too many Spirits items to fit on one Menu Grid page so you need them split up further.


When Sublists are placed inside other Sublists, we refer to them as ‘Nested Sublists’.




Menu items, adjustments and modifiers can appear on as many Sublists as required.

Sublists can be configured so that when items are selected from that particular Sublist, it will indicate a specified Course.

Sublists can be configured so that when items/modifiers are selected from that particular Sublist, it will trigger the use of a specified Price Set.


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