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Modifiers: These are, like they sound, used to 'modify' the way you prepare or serve your items. We tend to think of Modifiers as changing the QUALITY of the item, where Adjustments tend to change the QUANTITY of the item.

Some examples of common modifiers are 'Skim Milk' or 'Weak' for coffees, 'Rare' or 'Medium' for steaks, or a flavour or mixer for a spirit-based drink.

The most important thing to note is that Modifiers cannot be ordered on their own. They must be attached to an item. You do this by selecting the Modifier immediately AFTER selecting the Item. You can also highlight the Item you wish to modify in the Order Grid and then select the Modifier.

Below, you can see how the Modifier (soy) appears below and slightly indented from the Item in the Order Grid:


You can attach as many Modifiers to an Item as you wish.

Because Modifiers are attached to Items, they will print at the printer governed by the Items settings. You can also use the Back Office settings to ensure that certain Modifiers do not print on the customer's check. (You may wish to show the customer that they ordered a latte, but decide you don't need to put the modifiers that have a price, such as "weak" "2 sugars" "3/4 full" "extra hot".)

Modifiers always appear in Front Office in italicised font. 


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