Front Office - Adjustments

Like modifiers, Adjustments are a way of changing or customising an item. Where modifers change the QUALITY of what we sell, Adjustments are our way of indicating the QUANTITY.

An Item can have up to five different prices, which in Impos we call Price Levels. To engage these price levels we’ll need to use an Adjustment. Where no Adjustment is engaged, the default price (level 1) will be used when the item is selected.

Each different Adjustment will engage one of the five price levels. These price levels are configurable in Back Office.

The best example of this is tap beer:

The default price for a pot of Carlton Draught is $6 at price level 1.

A schooner is available for $8 at price level 2.

A pint is sold at $11 at price level 3.

A jug is available for $20 at price level 4.

(In this example, price level 5 is not used.)



To use Adjustments, select the Adjustment required immediately BEFORE selecting the item, or highlight the item in the order grid and then select the Adjustment afterwards.

The Adjustment is applied when the Adjustment name appears before the item name in the order grid (see above).

In Front Office, Adjustments buttons are magenta-coloured, and will tend to be at the top of the Menu Grid on the relevant page. Adjustments appear in italicised font. 


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