Front Office - Adjustments

Adjustments: An Item can hold up to five different price levels. To engage these price levels we’ll need to engage them by way of an adjustment.

Each adjustment will engage one of the five price levels. These price levels are configurable in Back Office.

The best example of this is tap beer;

The default price for a pot of beer might be $5 at price level 1.

A schooner is available for $7 at price level 2.

A pint is sold at $10 at price level 3.

A jug is available for $15 at price level 4.

Price level five is generally used as a spare or left as a zero value.

The user can either press each of the adjustments before pressing the item to be ordered. Alternatively the item in the order grid can be highlighted and the adjustment pressed twice to engage the desired price level.

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