Voiding Items in the Order Grid

To void an item before it has been ordered is easy. If there is an unwanted item in the order grid then you can simply highlight the item and press ‘Void item’.

If you need to clear the order grid altogether then you can press ‘Void All’ and the grid will be cleared.

Voiding an ordered item: If you have recalled an order or items that appear in the order grid in green then voiding the order will require a login.

Once an item has been ordered it’s considered sold. To void an item after it has been ordered will require some authority. This is configurable in Back Office.

Cancel: The cancel button operates as a “start over” button. If the transaction has been saved previously, and you’ve made alterations to it, pressing the “Cancel” button will return the transaction to the state that it was last saved in. This is useful in situations where a staff member has accidentally opened the wrong table, or a customer changes their mind about another round of drinks. Transactions that have been cancelled are not recorded in the system.

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