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Auto-modifiers are a great way of standardising your style of service. Auto Modi’s can be a set of modifiers, or a list with a choice, that appear as soon as the item is selected. Ideal for ensuring that your staff members ask “How would you like your eggs cooked, Poached or Fried”, or restaurant staff members are adding “Coke, Diet Coke, Lemonade” to your spirit orders.

Auto-modis can also be used as an upselling tool, ensuring your staff members are asking the correct questions at the time of ordering, such as “Would you like a side with that”

In this example, we’re going to create an Auto-modi popup for a steak, where the steak needs to have a cooking temperature selected, as well as a sauce.

This process involves 6 steps, all in Back office:

  • Create an Item
  • Tick “Auto-Modi” selection box on the item *
  • Create Modifiers
  • Create a Sub-list of type Modi-List
  • Assign Modifiers to the list
  • Assign the list to the item

In many cases you’ll be able to skip a few of the above steps as you may already have the modifiers or the list, however we’ll go through the whole process here.


1. Select “Items” from the “Menu Details” drop down, and head to the “Add” Tab

Enter the name, select a department, and add a price, and press Save


2. For the Item we’ve just created, Tick the “Auto Modi” Tickbox. What this means for the program is that something will popup when this item is sold, we’ll define that popup in the coming steps
Update for 6.52 and above: This step is no longer necessary as all items are now available in the Auto Modi list automatically


3. Select “Modifiers” from the “Menu Details” drop down, and head to the “Add” Tab

Create modifiers for our steaks, for this example, we’ll need a modifier for each of our cooking temperatures, AND modifiers for our sauces

Ie. Rare, Medium-Rare, Medium etc.

Gravy, Peppercorn, Mustard etc.

Once we’ve created all of our modifiers, on to the next step


4. Creating a sub-list: Sub-Lists can be thought of as pages, and they come in 2 types. The main page you order items from is a Sub-List of type sub-list, however a smaller popup style exists, which is only 5 buttons wide and tall, called a Modi-List

We’re going to create 2 popups, one called “Cooking Temp” and one called “Sauce”, both of type modi-list.

Head to the “Menu Details” drop down and select “Sub-List”

You are able to view a list of existing Sub-Lists on the left.

To create a new Sub-List:

a) press “Auto”,

b) select "Modi-List" from the radio buttons,

c) enter a Name for the sub-list, in this case, “Cooking Temp”

d) press “Save New”


Once you’ve created the new sub-list, locate it in the list on the left

Select “Modi-List” from the check boxes in the top right.

Follow the same set of steps for the creation of the “Sauce” modi-list


5. Now to assign modifiers to the list

First select the sub-list “Cooking Temp” from the list on the left

In the searching criteria on the right, select modifiers

Drag in the modifiers for Rare, Medium Rare, Medium etc.

This is the list of modifiers that will popup.

Follow the same set of steps for the assigning of modifiers to the “Sauce” Modi-List


6. Head to “Menu Details” drop down, and select “Auto-Modifiers”


The list of items at the top of this window is every item with “Auto Modi” ticked. Update for 6.52 and above: all items are available automatically

Find the Steak Item we created in step 1, and we’ll now assign what pops up when Steak is sold.

In the “Menu item selection”, select “List” from the “Type” drop down, as in this case we would like a list of modifiers that we’ve put together to show up, not just individual modifiers.

Select the “Cooking Temp” list and drag it into the Details section.

Do the same for the “Sauce” list

Once the lists are in the “Details” section, you are able to set conditions on the number of modifiers to be selected from the list, using the Min and Max values

In this example, a steak must have 1 cooking temperature, so our minimum will be 1, and a steak can only have 1 Cooking temperature, so our maximum will be 1. Enter these and press “update”

The same Min and Max conditions will be used for the Sauce. This will now look something like the below

The Steak item is now ready to be sold, and when selected in Front Office, will first prompt for a cooking temp, then a sauce.



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