Partial/Multi Payments

Multi Payments are prompted when entering an amount less then the check total into the Quick pay or number pad of an active check and clicking on the respective payment method. 

This function may be used if a customer would like to pay part cash and part Eftpos or multiple customers would like to pay different amounts of the bill.

If you require an even split between 2 or more customers please refer to Split by Person article.


Once an amount has been entered and a payment method has been selected as above, the multi payment window will prompt whether you would like to process the transaction using multi-payments. 

Click continue to processed with the multi-payment. 

Click Cancel if you would not like to processed with multi-payments.

Your check will now display the initial amount as Paid ($50) and and the outstanding amount as Remainder ($30). 


To finalise the bill simply select the desired payment method and the remainder ($30) will be processed. 




I’ve processed a partial payment, but a Void Partial Payment window has popped up when using transfer check. What does this mean and why is my payment voided?


There are a few functions in Front Office that prompt the Void Partial Payment pop up and if continued the payment will be voided. 

These include: 

  • Transfer Check ( to a tab or occupied table)
  • Merge Table to another table (Floorplan function)
  • Split Check (Floorplan function)
  • Item Transfer (Floorplan function)
  • Turn Off Check Surcharge


In order to void the Payment on a partial/multi payment or full payment on an 'on hold' check the following warning windows will have been executed:


image2018-6-5 12:12:51.pngimage2018-6-5 12:13:12.png

If Continue is pressed, it will void the payment.

If Cancel is pressed, it will cancel the function (Payment won't be voided)

These voids will appear on your void reports in Web reports as per normal.



How can I get around voiding my partial payment?


If the customer would like to pay for one or more specific item on an already partially paid check, transfer the item(s) to a "temporary" table and complete the payment.

If the customer has moved tables and you require to transfer all items to another table, the Change Table function can be used as long as the destination table is not occupied.

Please note that is it advised not to perform any of the Front Office functions listed above in the previous question if one or more payment has been made. 







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