Front Office - Ordering

"Ordering" items and modifiers refers to selecting them so that they appear in the Order Grid.

To add an item or modifier you can quite simply tap the Item on the screen and it will appear in the Order Grid.

To order multiples of an item you can simply tap the item/modifier button multiple times or use the number pad to indicate the multiple of the item. If you need to change the amount of items to be ordered, highlight the item, press the amount required IN TOTAL and press the ‘change’ button marked ‘X’.

Once items have been added to the Order Grid, there are then two options, dependent on whether the customer is paying immediately, or paying later. If the customer is paying immediately, you can use the Payment buttons (to print the ordered items and close the order). If the customer is paying later, select "Send Order" from the Order Process List (to print the ordered items and save the order for payment later).





You can view saved orders with the Recall button, which navigates to the Check Access Screen. Here you can open an order to add/void items, see the order details, and view/refund/reverse payments on an order. You can also print a customer's bill, and transfer items or whole orders to another order, table or tab.



'Recall' (Check Access Screen) is where unpaid orders will stay until they are paid, or voided off. To avoid building-up outstanding orders, managers should check this space regularly, and train staff to recall all sent orders (rather than re-creating them). Outstanding orders can mean variances in balances during end-of-day financial processes.


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