Impos x SevenRooms Integration

Standard Workflow

Customer will walk into venue with booking already in SevenRooms and host will walk customer to their table and set the status of the table to seated.

Unconfirmed, not seated bookings will be displayed like the photo above.

Confirmed bookings will appear in the ‘Not Seated’ tab and can either be sat in Impos or SevenRooms.(Above Photo)

Once the host has marked the table as seated in SevenRooms the booking will move to the ‘Seated’ tab in Impos and display the assigned table number.

Here the user has 2 options:

1. Using the Seat button in Impos will immediately create a new linked check and allocate that check to the reservation. If there are any existing checks on the table, they will be converted to linked tabs as well. This is an explicit linking and does not depend on booking times, and it seamlessly handles any clashes with existing checks.
2. The user can manually open a table check. If the check's opening time is within -20 or +25 minutes of a reservation's booking time on that table, it will be automatically linked to the first seated reservation on that table within the time range.

By opening the table manually, the user can decide the behavior if there are any existing checks. Either move the current check or close it so a new one can be created.

If no "seated" reservation is found within the -20/+25 minute range, the table will not be automatically allocated to the reservation in SevenRooms.
This functionality allows users to operate SevenRooms and Impos somewhat independently, while still having data flow between the two.

Once the assigned table has been opened and items have been put on the table, the seat button will grey out and the check will automatically link to the reservation. This can be confirmed by looking at the table and looking for the ‘Table’ label with the Check ID number next to it. (Above Photo)

Once the table has been closed and paid for in Impos, the status of the SevenRooms reservation will be set to Paid. Keep in mind users will still need to mark the table as ‘Left’ for the table to be available again in SevenRooms.

In the case of merging tables, the process should be as follows:
Merge the table in SevenRooms first and mark it as seated in the SevenRooms app. The merged booking should now appear in Impos. To open this table and link the check automatically, the user needs to open the table number listed first in the booking in Impos. In the above photo to link the checks, the user would open table 8, place items on the table and the check would link.

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