Impos Version: 6.57 Release Notes

Welcome to 6.57

Welcome to Impos 6.57! We’ve excited to announce some great new features, as well as
improvements to our interface and bug fixes to make Impos better than ever. Including our new
expanded Area Based Stock Management

Area Based Stock Management

Creating New Locations


- In Stock Items, select the “+” symbol next to the location field either in the Edit or Add tabs.
- In the Pop Up window, select the yellow “+” symbol and enter in new details in blank fields.
Select out of the field and select the “save” symbol


Assigning Locations

To Stock Items

When creating a new Stock Item, in the location field, choose your Default Location for Stock Arrivals when you enter invoices into the system.


To assign a new location to an existing stock Item, select the drop down field in the Location Grid on
the Right Hand side of the edit Tab, and enter in a starting value for your Stock Item.


To Terminals
In Back Office, Navigate to the POS Settings Tab and select Configure Station Settings.


- On the left hand side will be a list of your active Stations or Terminals/Tablets. Highlight the
Station you want to assign a location to
- On the right hand side of the screen you can select the location it draws stock from in the
drop down menu.
- Select Update to Save changes.


Transferring Stock Between Locations
In the Stock Program, underneath the Inventory->Adjustment section. Select the Transfer Tab.


- Select the Location you are taking Stock From under the Location drop down.
- Enter the Amount of Stock Items you are transferring out, and select the Location you are
sending them to.
- Enter in the purpose for the Transfer in the Notes Field and select Apply.


Running Multi Location Stock Takes
Starting a Stock Take as normal, you can now filter by the location you are entering in your stock
count from.



Enter stock counts in as normal by location, and when saving and generating a preview of your
variance report, you will see the venue-wide variances.


It is recommended that you run a separate Stock Take per location, so that your variance reports can
be as accurate as possible to their specific location, as other locations will pull across their estimated
quantities as counted if their fields are left blank.

Afterwards, you may edit as normal or Post to finalise Stock Take.


Details to keep in mind
o If a linked menu item is sold at a station which does not have any stock assigned at that Stock
Location, it will decrement from the Stock Item's Default Location.
o Stock Arrival automatically adds to the Default Location of a Stock Item.
o Purchase Orders aggregate the stock amount from all locations to determine how much to order
for par-based purchasing.
o Stock Convert increments and decrements the amount at the Default Location of the applicable
Stock Items.
o Stock Take imports (from barcode scanners) implicitly update the Default Location for the item
matching a barcode.


In Program Purchase Order Emailing
When generating Purchase Orders, you can now email your supplier directly from the order.



Assigning Email Addresses To Supplier


When Creating a new supplier, or updating an existing one’s contact details, select the “+” symbol
next to the Supplier field in the Create Stock Item tab.


Make sure your supplier has an email address in the e-mail field to be able to send orders to.


Return Email


In Back Office under POS Settings->Venue Settings, there is a new Tab labelled Supplier Invoice
Details, this is where you enter in your return email address.


Emailing a Purchase Order


After generating a Purchase Order as normal, there is now a new option on the right-hand side
labelled Email.


After generating your purchase order, select the Send Email option in the top right. Sending this off
will move your Purchase Order to the Order Sent stage, where you can continue the process of
arriving in a Purchase Order as normal.


Setting an Auto-Sync
You can now set a time or date for the system to automatically Synchronise Sales Data from Front
Office into the Stock Program


In Back Office -> POS Settings -> Venue Settings, in the Other Tab.
You can now set either a Weekly, Monthly or Daily time for the System to automatically synchronise
your sales data.



New Features
• Kiosk and ImposPay
o With the new update, and in conjunction with ImposPay. You are now able to
process through payments with an attached ImposPay terminal to your kiosk.
• • ImposPay Pay at Table
o Pay@Table Functionality has now been added to mobile ImposPay Terminals.

New Integrations
With the SevenRooms integration, table changes within Impos and SevenRooms are directly
reflected in each system. Sales information is shared between the platforms, giving valuable insights
into customer spend and table utilization.

• Impos now includes a docket count (eg. 2 of 5) when printing several items using the single item
per docket setting.
• Impos now includes all previous payments on a multi-payment check by default.
• Improved the way Set Menus are printed on kitchen dockets. 
• The Set Menu name is no longer displayed.
• Items across multiple set menus are now grouped, and the corresponding seat number is displayed
below them.
• Scanning a wristband or staff FOB while already on the order screen now logs the employee in
using the Quick Login functionality.

Interface Updates
• The Gift Card Enquiry function now automatically selects an app if there is only one available.
• Removed an extra period on the booking synchronisation confirmation dialog.
• Item Transfer and Split Check now allow items to be split in decimal quantities (i.e. 0.5 of an item),
optionally enabled per menu item.
• Added a setting in Print Settings that allows users to control the size of the "Total" and "Sub Total"
elements on Impos receipts. All font sizes are available, and the default remains Tall.
• Changed the error message displayed when a user attempts to partially redeem a check deposit to
be more straightforward.
• Improved the Set Menu Setup form.
o The "PrintX" columns are now hidden.
o The Type column now shows an "L" if it's a sub list, otherwise an "I" for item.
o Expanded the width of the Ref column to include the full item or list number.
o Added Up and Down arrows to allow re-arrangement of the items and lists.
• Improved the Reservations panel.
o The "Select Table" function for reservations now allows users to change the allocated table. The
seating portion of this has been moved to a control on the reservation itself.
o The scrollbar is no longer displayed on the reservation panel, instead we make proper use of the
pagination capabilities.
• Removed the ability for users to change a member's ID in Front Office, it is now a Back Office only

Bug Fixes
• Cancelling the refund of an integrated payment now properly aborts the refund process rather
than silently continuing.
• Impos Processing Host no longer silently crashes if the "Local station" is named with a different
lower or upper case.
• Back Office no longer throws an exception when highlighting the selected row of certain grids.
• The Kiosk now properly displays the Discount Total and includes Surcharges in the total
• Table Messages can now be used when tabs are linked to the table.
• Front Office no longer shows a horizontal scrollbar on the order grid after loading all items.
• Items with a price can no longer be hidden on receipts. This also fixes the issue where the
"Previous Item Total" section would be added without having processed any multipayments.
• The Front Office Station Override functionality now works on stations which do not have any
matching IP entry in tbl_station.
• Users should no longer sporadically need to press "Edit" twice to edit a member in Front Office.
• Resolved an issue with the installer where it would sometimes overwrite the API URL with an
invalid address in the Kiosk.


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