Impos Version: 6.56 Release Notes

Welcome to 6.56
Welcome to Impos 6.56! We’ve excited to announce some great new features, as well as
improvements to our interface and bug fixes to make Impos better than ever.


New Features

Integration with Now Book It
Integrate seamlessly with Now Book It to handle Reservations and Gift Cards
Redeeming Gift Cards in Front Office


After placing your on Front Office, select the NowBookIt GC payment type (Highlighted Above). It
will then prompt you to enter your NowBookIt Gift Card ID as seen below.


Once this payment is confirmed, the order will be closed or you will be taken back to it to process
through any unpaid amounts.


Venue and Station Specific Surcharges
It is now possible to enable surcharges on individual terminals, or across the entire venue. Different
permission levels allow managers to control who has access to enable the venue or station
surcharge. Surcharges must be explicitly enabled to be applicable to the entire venue. Otherwise,
they are station-level only.


Navigating to the Surcharge section, select which surcharges you would like to be applicable to
venue wide settings and check the last checkbox.


Scheduled Menu Changes
Scheduled rules can now be configured to apply certain menus to specific stations (or all stations) at
different times. This allows a dinner menu to replace a lunch menu from 5pm-10pm, for example.


After selecting Rules under POS Functions, you can now set a new rule to switch between which
Menu List will be displayed. Under the Apply to section, select which Menu List you want to take
Below that select a start and end date for this Rule. And then select which Days and Time Periods
you want this change to take place.


Menu Item Gross Profit (GP%)
When configuring item prices, Back Office now displays an indicator of the GP the item will achieve
at the associated price and cost. Prices can be set to a target GP% by filling in the GP field directly.


The gross profit is determined by calculating the Price Level (1-5) vs the Cost (1-5).



Update to Payments made through Impos Membership
Payments using Impos Membership are now redeemable up to the remaining amount on the card
and processed as a multi-payment if there are not enough points or dollars remaining.

When processing through a Member Payment with not enough funds remaining, you will get the
following message, allowing you to either cancel that payment or continue with any remaining


Any remaining amount will be displayed as well as the total needed. By selecting Amount it will
redeem the last of the funds.


Taking you back to the Order screen with the remaining amount ready to be paid by an alternate
payment method.



Interface Updates

Linkly Settlement


A new function button has been added to allowing you to access the EFT Ctrl Panel launcher from
inside Front Office.


Sub-List Updates


The Sub-List Setup screen has been updated with some more functionality and Quality of Life
1. Added the “Auto-fill” and “Sort by Name” functions, similar to Menu Design function.
2. Adjusted the default width of the columns in the Sub-List list.
3. Added a tooltip which displays when hovering over elements that are truncated.
4. Departments are sorted alphabetically by default when refining the search filter.


Stock and Item Info Links


Any Stock Items that are linked by a recipe to a Menu Item, will now show in the Item Info Screen
alongside any information entered underneath Ingredients in the Item Setup section of Back Office.


Function Search Bar


While in Employee Setup, if you select Function Settings, you can now filter through available
functions by name.


Quantity Prompt


In the Item Setup section, you can now toggle on the Custom Quantity prompting by selecting the
checkbox and clicking Update.


Once you select and Item the Enter Qty prompt will pop up, enter your desired quantity and select


This will then add this onto your order at the selected quantity.


Adjustment Group Linking


Adjustments can now be linked to item groups, limiting the items they can be applied to. Eg. Glass
and Bottle are only usable on the ‘Wine’ group.

Select the Adjustment you want to limit, and from the Item Drop Down select which Group you want
this to apply to.


Configuration Disclaimer


There is now a disclaimer in Station and Print Settings indicating that modifying them may affect
system operation.

Kiosk Name Prompt


Users can now toggle whether customers are prompted to input their name in the Kiosk.



Bug Fixes
Scheduled rules and actions now apply the same logic for activation across all rule types.
o If a rule has a later start time than end time (i.e., 8pm start, 4am end), then the rule
will roll over to the next day. For example, starting Sunday 8pm and ending Monday
o Rule activation time is now inclusive of the selected minute. Setting a time of 11:59
will apply up until 11:59:59.
o The priority for rule application is last in, first out (LIFO). The last configured rule
takes priority.
Station restrictions apply to all rule types, including surcharges, menus, and deal groups.
Changing the order of Auto Modifiers no longer disables them by unticking the ‘Show in POS/Show
in Kiosk’ checkboxes.
Attempting to set a fixed surcharge on a payment method while no surcharges are configured no
longer displays an unhandled exception.
Meal status icons now allow up to 2 wide characters (such as W, M) in one line.
JOMO can now be enabled from Back Office if previously disabled.
The ‘Custom Docket’ dropdown is disabled by default in PrintServer unless the print queue is being
Paying by points with membership properly increments the ‘Used’ counter.
The width of the columns in Sub-List Setup are adjustable once more.
The Default Course is now updated when refreshing config settings.
Removed extraneous “New” and “Edit” buttons when searching for members during a member
Aligned the Close and Type button and label when adding new menu items.
Modifiers now obey the “Print On Check” setting when using custom dockets.
Voided items no longer print on kitchen dockets and receipts when using custom dockets.

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