Impos Version: 6.55 Release Notes

Welcome to 6.55
Welcome to Impos 6.55! We’ve excited to announce some great new features, as well as
improvements to our interface and bug fixes to make Impos better than ever.


Interface Improvements

License Header
Your Front Office home screen will now display a persistent header when your license has 14 days
remaining. A popup will also appear when the terminal is idle prompting you to call and renew your

image 1.JPG




Quick Launch
The Quick Launch feature has been expanded, and now allows you to add shortcuts to most menus
in Back Office to your Back Office home screen.



Seated Info
The Seated Info view in your Check Access screen now displays tabs linked to tables, allowing
uniform functionality across all check types. Tables with linked tabs will be highlighted in yellow:



Set Menu Printing
Set Menu dockets have been improved, with distinguishable headers and indentation. Additionally,
the quantity display “ea” on dockets can be configured to print or be hidden. You can find this
settings in the Set Menu Details tab of the Set Menu Setup in Back Office.



Membership and Delivery
Impos Membership and Delivery now share customer details. This makes all members available to
use within ImDelivery without the need to re-enter their details. Selecting Delivery in Front Office
will now display a list of all members.


NOTE: selecting the member from ImDelivery will NOT assign the member to the order
automatically. To ensure that points are accrued correctly and orders retained, please assign the
member to the order through the Member function.


Bug Fixes
The Stock module will now display a standard error message when attempting to save an item after
another user has modified the Stock No, rather than an unhandled exception.

It is now possible to transfer items to tabs which have been paid or part-paid and are still open.
Using Void All and entering the credentials of an unauthorized employee no longer causes an
unhandled exception in Front Office.

The same print queue name can be used several times when configuring Kitchen print queues rather
than creating unique queue names for the same printer.

Making use of Order printers no longer requires a random Kitchen print queue to be defined as well.
Menu Design auto fill is now usable in nested sublists without changing the location of the sublists.
Quick Lists in Front Office are removed after orders are paid.
Front Office no longer requires a restart to deactivate scheduled deal groups.
It is possible to scroll through orders in Recall again.
Refreshing of the Seated Info screen now resumes after using floor plan functions without needing
to reopen Recall or navigate to a different page.
Web Reports that allow filtering by department and category no longer ignore the selected filters,
and only show related results.
The status field in Seated Info allows two characters to be displayed which is uniform with the meal
status information on tables.




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