Latest Live: Impos Version 6.54

Welcome to 6.54! 


Welcome to Impos 6.54. We’ve introduced some great new features, made some improvements to the interface and included some fixes to streamline your Impos experience! 



Scheduled Rules 


As well as price-set rules such as happy hours, it is now possible to schedule surcharges and deal groups. 


In Back Office, you’ll see in the POS Functions menu, Price Rules is now simply called “Rules” 




You’ll see that the interface has been simplified, with the list of rules on the left, and the configuration options on the right 



You can now choose between Action Group (Price Actions), Surcharges and Deal Group under “Rule Type”. For example, you can have a Surcharge automatically apply on a Sunday, or a Deal Group only be valid for two weeks. Rules can be enabled and disabled as you need. 





Back Office Audit Logging 


Every database affecting action within Back Office is now logged and recorded. The stored information includes the exact form and fields changed (original and new values), which employee changed them, and when they were changed. 



Online Ordering Loyalty Accrual 


Customers ordering through online platforms can now be directly connected to your Impos Membership, allowing customers to accrue loyalty points when they purchase from you using one of your integrated online applications, such as Cinch. You can assign the same membership type to several different integration partners. 


When a customer orders from you online through one of your partners, Impos compares the details they provide in their order with your existing member details. It compares based on:  

  1. Phone number 
  1. Email 
  1. First Name & Last Name 

If any of these details match an existing customer in your database, any loyalty points will be accrued by that member, and the order will be tracked against that member in your Member Spend reports. 


If none of the details match, Impos will automatically create a member using the details provided in the order. 


If no membership is assigned for an integration, no loyalty will be accrued for that integration, and the customer’s details will not be recorded in the Member database. 


To enable this feature, you will need to link your integrated ordering platform to a membership type through the Setup Membership option in Back Office. Navigate to the Integration menu and select Setup Membership from the list. 




A window will open, containing a list of your integration partners on the left: 


Clicking on the blank space on the right side next to the integration partner you’d like to connect to Membership, select the Membership option from the list: 




Click Save, and you will see that the integration partner and the membership type are now linked: 





Front Office 


Clear Table 

There is now a ‘Clear Table’ function in the floor plan which allows users to mark an empty table as available and clear any meal statuses. 




When you select an allocated (seated) table, and click “Clear Table”, you will see this confirmation window: 




Select Continue, and you will see a confirmation: 




You are not able to clear tables with active orders. If you try to clear a table that has active orders, you will see this error screen: 





Member Searching 

Searching for a member card ID now returns based on a wildcard search. For example, searching ‘11’ will return all members with a card containing ’11’. 


Deal Group Printing 

Deal Group discounts are now displayed more clearly on receipts, with a summary positioned before the sub-total and clearly indicated in the line items. 


Stock Purchase Orders (Lightyear integration) 

It is now easier to import purchase orders into Stock. Two key changes have been made: 

  • Several purchase orders can be imported via Lightyear at once if they are contained within a ZIP archive. 
  • Unsupported fields from some partners are automatically ignored and the import will continue without them. 

Customer Order Slips 

Customer order slips can now be enabled or disabled based on print queues once more. The configuration settings can be found by navigating in Back Office to POS Settings -> Configure Print Settings -> Print Queues and scrolling to the far right of the interface. 




Auto-Fill Improvements 

Choosing to use the auto-fill function to save time when editing/creating a sublist now ignores any nested sub-lists which are already in the selected sub-list, populating any items and modifiers around them. 


Set Menu Printing 

Items within set menus can now be hidden when printing a receipt. 




Customer Display Images 

The number of images shown in the Customer Display cycling mode is now configurable. 


Check Access Screen  

The Check Access Screen has updated to include the following improvements: 

  • Highlighting on the Check Details panel to indicate when there are multiple linked tabs which can be selected. 

  linked_tabs_check_access.JPG        linked_tabs_check_access_2.JPG


  • It is now possible to move and change (multiple) linked tabs between tables. 


  • A meal status can be set on tables which have no orders (for example when seating patrons). 


  • Item Transfer is now available for all check types, including Tabs and Orders. 


  • The Meal Status Confirmation has been removed, speeding up service. 


Tip Slip 

Payment Method in Back Office now have a ‘Tip Slip’ option available, which triggers Front Office to print a separate docket for the tip amount if tips are processed for the payment. 




Bug Fixes 

 The following fixes have been included in this software release: 


  • Member Recharges are no longer shown on the Spenditure report as a spend by the member. 
  • It should no longer be possible for staff to clock in twice within the same period when the database connection is unreliable. 
  • Dashes (-) are now stripped from caller information when using the Whozz Calling CallerID. 
  • Print footers now respect the configured line number and can be reordered within the Back Office interface. 
  • Resolved an issue where residual tabs that were not closed could be linked to a table again in the future, causing an error whenever Recall was opened. 
  • Fixed $ Group Discounts can now be applied to items which have modifiers on them. 
  • Items can no longer be edited to have an empty name. 
  • Sublists with duplicate names can no longer be created. 
  • Elements within sublists no longer randomly re-appear after being deleted. 
  • Open Item Percentage discounts apply the entered value rather than the configured base value. 
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