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Purchase Order Importing and Stock Management 

Impos supports Lightyear Automated Accounts Payable by enabling importing of purchase orders. Impos versions 6.54 and above now support importing purchase orders, through our integration partners. The first partner we have brought on board is Lightyear. You can import supplier invoices into the Impos Stock module using the new “Import” button on the Purchase Orders screen. 



When you select “Import”, you will be able to browse your computer’s folders/files from a popup window. (You will need to have previously exported your purchase orders from Lightyear and saved them to your computer). Select an invoice by double-clicking on it. 



If the supplier and all the items already exist in your stock module, you will simply see the following popup: 



If the supplier and some or all of the items do not yet exist in the Impos Stock module, you will see the Create Supplier and/or the Purchase Order Items screen. From the Create Supplier screen you can add all of the relevant Supplier information. From the Purchase Order Items screen you can either Create or Ignore each of the line items on your supplier invoice.  



Purchase Order Items screen: If you click the plus (+) sign, you will see the Create a New Stock Item screen, with the name of the stock item already populated. From here you will set up the new stock item as per the normal process, including Measurement, Unit, Order Unit etc. 



Once you have finished creating or ignoring each of the stock items in the purchase order, you will be shown the “Success - Purchase Order has been successfully imported” popup. 

Please note – creating the Stock Item from a purchase order import does not give you the option to automatically create a Menu Item to go with it. If you need to create a Menu Item to link to the Stock Item, you will need to do this through Back Office, and then link them in the Stock module as per the usual process. 

Once completed, this process will import your purchase orders into Impos Stock, ready and waiting to be marked received in the Stock Arrival screen once the stock is delivered. 


Lightyear and Impos both integrate with several mutual accounting partners, meaning that this new partnership not only cuts down on your time spent managing your inventory, but also potentially, the time you spend entering supplier invoices into your accounting software. 



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