How does Impos work in schools?

Our highly customisable POS system is a great fit for schools! By using Impos, you can consolidate all your payments to one place, run reports, and keep track of stock.


Everything from canteens to uniform shops, to fundraising money, excursion payments or even school fees can be processed through Impos, and our excellent reporting options mean all of your data is in one place.



Impos has partnered with Flexischools to provide you with a complete, end-to-end education payment and ordering solution.

Used by over 1,000 schools around Australia, Flexischools is a streamlined online ordering and cashless payment system designed you make your school run as smoothly as possible.

Give your families an easier way to pay any school-related fee, order books or uniforms, or simply interact with your school. Flexischools is a way to simplify school life for everyone.


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