What is a Quick List and how do I use it?

Have a meal deal and want to cut down on the amount of clicking through different Menu Grids? Always serve an item with a certain modifier but don't have room on the Grid for both? Then Quick Lists are for you! They're a great way to speed up service, by linking individual items to other items and modifiers that may not appear on the same Menu Grid page.

Quick Lists are Sublists that appear in the Quick List menu at the bottom of the Menu Grid, and are specific to individual items.


In this example, our venue has a "Wine and Cheese" promotion running, for specific bottles of wine.

To speed up service, we want the item Cheese Platter to appear on the Wine Bottle sublist, but as we can see, it's already pretty full. The answer? Add a Quick List containing Cheese Platter to the relevant wine items:

Here we see our Wine Bottles sublist:


As you can see it's fairly full, but we have the Quick List buttons available.

To use them, create a Sublist in the usual way, and add the item/s you want to it (in this case Cheese Platter). We recommend prefacing the sublist with something like "Quick" or "QL" to make it easy to find later.


Next, head over to the Item you'd like the Quick List to appear on. We've added it to West Cape Riesling as you can see below:


And you're done! Now, whenever West Cape Riesling is selected from the Menu Grid, you'll see Cheese Platter appear in the Quick List below.



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