How Do I Change An Item's Price Without Using Back Office?

There are two types of changes you can make: a temporary, one-off change to a price, and a permanent change.

Item Price 

 The Item Price function allows for a once-only change to a price. This function is usually assigned to Manager or higher in the Authority settings.

To change the price of an item:

1. Select the item from the menu grid

2. Navigate to the More Functions sublist

3. Enter the preferred price using the Number Pad

4. Press the Item Price button


Depending on the authority level you have set up, this will prompt the login screen. Enter your credentials here.

Once you have done so, you will see that the item's price has changed in the order grid.



Modify Price

The modify price function allows a user at a terminal to permanently change the price/s of an item without accessing the back-office software. This function is typically assigned to a Manager or higher in the Authority settings for security purposes.

To permanently change the price/s of an item, select the item from the menu grid and press the Modify Price function button (by default, found in the More Functions sublist). (Note: the modification will take place at the POS terminal in Front Office, this does not launch Back Office.)

After entering your credentials, the following window will appear. Enter the new price/s in the relevant price levels and price sets.

Note: it is not necessary to change all 3 price sets, unless those price sets are in use.


Press the Update button to activate the new price/s. This will permanently update the database, and the new price/s will be live across the whole network.


Item Countdown

Item countdown can also be enabled from the Modify Price window. If you have a limited quantity of an item, tick the Enable checkbox in the Count Down box above. This will allow you to enter the remaining quantity. Once that many of the item have been sold, and the availability of an item reaches zero, a pop-up will inform staff that the item is no longer in stock. Note: Staff are still able to order the item if needs be by ignoring the popup warning.



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