Virtual machine and training costs

Virtual machines Hosting

Impos hosted Virtual machines will be invoiced per month at below rates. First months charge includes initial configuration and staging of virtual machine (including connection to Doshii). Further changes and support incur per hour costs for labour.

Virtual machine specifications

  • CPU: Dual core
  • Ram: 2Gb
  • Hard drive: 40Gb
  • Operating system: windows 10
  • Impos software: Latest Impos software release (Upgrade to Beta at additional cost)


  • 24/7 access is a best effort service and is not guaranteed.
  • Any requests or issues have an SLA of 2 business days.
  • Any additional hardware will be charged as additional on a monthly basis.


*Specific client database/Cleansed database can be loaded into virtual machine at additional hourly cost (At venue's consent)



Charged per hour and subject to availability of a trainer.



Standard hourly rate: $120

(this includes all hourly rates including training and development)


Virtual machine hosting

Initial month: $180

Monthly charge (from second month): $120

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