6.50 Overview

We're proud to deliver you our best and fastest software release yet!

Introducing: Impos 6.50!


This is a quick overview of some of the great new features we have for you. For more details, click on the embedded links, or head back to the 6.50 main page on Learn.Impos for a list of detailed release notes.



  • We've made some drastic speed improvements - the average speed to open a table or print a check around 8x faster than previous versions.  Overall this version of Impos is the fastest that we have put to market yet!



  • Our popular Split Check feature is now available on any check, not just table-related checks.
  • There have been significant improvements to Discounts in Impos - you can now limit a discount to groups of items, and limited discounts (eg 20% off up to $10) and floored discounts are now available.
  • We've put the Floor Plan in the check access screen, giving you access to all of the features in this screen. The table functions (change table, merge table etc) now appear on the left hand side of the table plan, and all the check information and check functions are available on the right hand side. For example, you can now print a check simply by selecting a table and then selecting print check from the same screen, saving you and your customers valuable time. 
  • Tabs now are easier to search and available directly from the new check access screen.  Tabs can also persist, meaning that if you have regular tabs you have the option keeping Tabs open, even when paid off in full.
  • Promotional Vouchers are now clearer and easier to use
  • Tips are now configurable for specific payment methods



  • We have identified and resolved many issues, including issues with our integrated EFT partners ANZ Bladepay and Tyro Pay@Table, cloud integrations (eg Doshii), display issues in the Check Access screen, and system crash issues.
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