Leaving fully paid tabs open on the system

It is now possible in Impos Front Office to fully pay off a tab on the system and to leave the tab open for future use.  

When you fully pay off a tab on the system, the following pop-up option will appear: 

  1. Cancel – the payment will not be processed.  
  2. Pay Only – the payment will be processed but the tab will not be closed; it will still be accessible on the on the Check Access Screen and you will be able to add items to the check.  
  3. Close Tab – the payment will be processed and the tab will be closed; it will no longer be accessible on the check access screen.  

If you accidently click the ‘Pay Only’ option and you wish to close a fully paid off tab that is available in the Check Access Screen there are two options.  

  1. You can click any of the pay methods to pay off the tab again (as a zero balance)  
  2. You can select the new ‘Close Tab’ function.  

Completing either of the above options will present you will the following confirmation: 

Selecting ‘Cancel’ will leave the tab open on the system.  

Selecting ‘Continue’ will close the tab on the system.  


Adding the Close Tab function to the menu. 



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