Impos integration to MYOB and Xero

Key information

This integration between Impos and your accounting platform is managed through a third party application, 5.5 Degrees, an information-sharing platform between different systems. Your sales and payment data from Impos will be pushed to the 5.5 Degrees cloud on a user-prompted timeline; from there 5.5 Degrees will push the information into your accounting program according to payment type, Impos category and time breakdown, with a record of each item that was sold in Impos. 

The ‘End of Shift’ push of data from Impos to 5.5 Degrees is an operation that will not occur without user prompt, as this gives you the luxury of time to settle your ‘end of days/weeks’ trade when you are ready.

The setup process requires an upgrade of your Impos system. You’ll also need to map your Impos categories to your accounting program, as well as match your payment types in both systems. The whole setup takes about 30 minutes.

The integration is available on Premium or Platinum levels of support. Should you wish to integrate your Impos system to your accounting program, please feel free to get in contact with to arrange an upgrade.

Further information

The source of your data will be your POS system. It is where you and your staff are busy entering in key operational information such as your sales and payment information, breakdowns of payments types and much more. Once you have completed a period of trade (more on this below), you can send your information to 5.5 Degrees via an ‘end of shift’ procedure.

What is sent to 5.5 Degrees?

5.5 Degrees is a syncing program that takes Impos data, stored in a particular format, and translates this into the format used by your accounting program. This translation is based on your mapping within 5.5 Degrees. The mapping is the relationship between your point of sale categories and the account codes in your accounting program, along with the relationship between payment types on the POS and the payment types in your accounting program. Once this mapping is finalised (this happens in your initial setup of 5.5 Degrees) and the data has been sent from Impos to 5.5 Degrees, the data is held in the 5.5 Degrees cloud until the synchronisation conditions are reached. This is a timed feature in 5.5 Degrees that determines when data is pushed to your accounting platform. This is adjustable, however usually occurs every two hours.

What does this mean?

Once you’ve pushed data from Impos, it should appear in your accounting program within two hours at most. All information stored in the point of sale regarding sales and payments is pushed to 5.5 Degrees with the end goal being to have this information appear in your accounting program. A breakdown of all items, quantities, discounts, surcharges, tender types (such as cash and EFTPOS), and a summary of the amount of tax applied to each transaction is packaged up into a batch file, plus a balance of sales verses payments is entered into your journals.

Best practices for synchronising your accounting program with your Impos system

 Time frames

You can sync once a day, once a week, once a month - whatever you choose, but remember to keep it consistent. As a batch is created each time you synchronise (and all data between your most recent sync and the time selected is sent), it creates a cleaner accounting system if you stick to a schedule.

What to do before you sync

Whilst it’s not a requirement to close all transactions before synchronising, it is good practice to do so. As the POS will allow you to have an imbalance of sales verses payments (such as tables left open and tabs that have been partially paid), it does mean that between your batches, your accounting system will be unbalanced.

Where to sync

You only need to sync on one terminal in your venue, not each terminal.

 Memberships and Gift Cards

If your venue has the Impos Membership system enabled, and you accept gift cards or the recharging of cards with a dollar value, these ‘vouchers’ will appear in the liabilities section of your accounting program until they are redeemed.


We understand that refunds are part of hospitality life, however if the payment occurs within one batch and the refund occurs in another batch, there will be an imbalance in your sales and payments in the second batch.


When completing an ‘end of shift’ procedure in Impos and an error appears on the POS terminal, check that your terminal is connected to the internet first of all, then feel free to give our friendly Support staff a call. If there is no data in your accounting platform, log into your 5.5 Degrees account (you’ll have received this information in the setup phase) and check that your mapping is setup correctly. If it is, feel free to email 5.5 Degrees support on


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