It is now possible to create Custom Surcharges and Payment Surcharges in Impos Plus Version 5.28.120. 

Creating a Custom Surcharge

1. Open BackOffice

2. Navigate to Menu Details > Surcharges

3. Create Surcharges as you would create Discounts

  1. To create Surcharges that can then be added to the Menu and then selected to apply to the entire check, you should select 'Check Surcharge' from the Surcharge Type drop down.
  2. To create Surcharges that can be selected at the point of payment, such to apply an AMEX or Diner's Surcharge, you should select 'Payment Surcharge' from the Surcharge Type drop down.

4. To add a Check Surcharge to the Menu so that it is available when you would like to add it to an order, you do this in the same way you add other menu items by selecting Surcharge from the type drop down in either Menu Design or Sub List setup.

5. To add a Payment Surcharge to the Menu so that it is available when you would like to add it to a payment, navigate to Payment Setup > Payment Methods in Back Office.

6. Select the payment methods you wish to attach the Payment Surcharge to and tick either 'Show Surcharge list' or 'Set Fixed Surcharge'

  1. 'Show Surcharge List': This is selected if you would like the user to be able to select from a list of Surcharges. If this is selected, an automatic popup will be shown when a payment method is selected that has the Payment Surcharge associated with it. The pop up will give the user the option of choosing between the Surcharges previously configured and available for selection. (This is recommended for payment methods like Tyro and PC EFTPOS where the card type can differ each time the payment method is selected)
  2. 'Set Fixed Surcharge': This is selected if you would like to limit the user to only have one Surcharge available for the payment type. (The user must set this Surcharge from the drop down underneath "Set Fixed Surcharge"). At the time of payment, the Payment Surcharge will be automatically applied when the payment method is selected.  (A popup will be shown to the user asking them to confirm the new amount after the Payment Surcharge has been applied).
  3. NOTE: ONLY Surcharges created as Payment Surcharges will be available in either the 'Show Surcharge List' options and the 'Fixed Surcharge' options.

Default Surcharges

When turning on the Default Surcharge through FrontOffice you will be given the option to choose a new Default Surcharge - the options presented to the user in the popup will be all Surcharges created as Check surcharges.

Surcharge Authority

1. Check Surcharges - When Check Surcharges are applied from the Menu, the Authority Setting will apply as they do with Discounts.

2. Default Surcharges - When applying a Default Surcharge, the Surcharge Authority settings from the Legacy Authority Setting will be applied.

3. Payment Surcharges - When attempting to complete a payment that has a Surcharge attached, the Surcharge Authority Setting will be applied to removing the Surcharge from the payment.




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