Stock Cheat Sheet

What is Stock?

The best way to think about stock is to think about what items come into the venue.

Things such as:                 

  • Keg of Beer
  • Bottle of Spirit
  • Case of Wine (Or Bottle)
  • Kg Cuts of Meat


To distinguish stock from menu items, think of menu items as what leaves the venue (what we have to offer)

Things such as:

  • Pot of Beer, Schooner of Beer, Pint of Beer
  • 30ml Shot, 15ml Shot, Cocktail
  • Gls of Wine, Btl of Wine
  • Porterhouse Steak, Rump Steak, Mince in meatballs


Why do we need to decrement stock from menu items?

Because menu items can be very different from a stock item we need to decrement or takeaway from stock when a menu item sale is made. The best way to think of this is using the Keg example.


What is Stock Converter?

So sometimes we create new Stock Items by using existing Stock Items.

The best way to think about this is by using Mayonnaise or Punch example. You’re venue might pre make some punch.

So when we sell glasses of punch we decrement Punch Pre Made, however we need to convert the other stock items in order to make the Punch Pre Made.


What is Synchronizing and why do we do it?

Impos does not run stock amounts live, this means that synchronize: ‘synchronizes sales and decrements stock’

You can only synchronize up to a chosen point, you cannot go back, you can also synchronize at any given time if you need to see the amount of stock you have on hand at the moment, however you CANNOT sync when a stock take is in progress.


Understanding your Stocktake Variance Report?

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