Tyro - Integrated Card Payments

What is TYRO?

Tyro Payments is Australia’s only independent and fastest growing EFTPOS provider. The system is tailored for hospitality and the health sector, designed to process payements quickly and with a more friendly and modern interface. TYRO can pay directly into any bank account, allowing you to accept payments

How does this system work?

ImPOS Database connects to the TYRO terminal via Wifi or 3g signal. ImPOS can either push transaction totals to the TYRO Pinpads in direct integration, or TYRO can request information from the ImPOS system to take payments at the table in Pay@Table integration.

Direct Integration

The staff member types the transaction on the POS as normal.

When the customer is ready to pay the staff member presses the “TYRO” button on the ImPOS system, and BAM, the total appears on the TYRO terminal, ready for the customer to tap and go, or chip and pin.

This integration is designed to reduce lost revenue due to staff error.

What are the system requirements for TYRO?

The software requires the OS of Windows 7 as a minimum to support TYRO.

What steps does my venue take to utilise TYRO?

1.    Contact ImPOS and ensure that your system meets the requirements to support the TYRO integration.

2.    ImPOS will pass on your details to TYRO, and they’ll give you a call to discuss the fine print

3.    Fill out the necessary paperwork provided by TYRO.

4.    Once TYRO has the information it needs it will send the appropriate pin pads to your venue.

5.    Once these arrive you can contact ImPOS and they will configure this to receive payments and activate the pin pad. They’ll test the system to ensure that it operates the way you want it to, then you’re ready to make money!


Will I be able to give cash out with TYRO?

Yes. It’s up to you if you’d like to enable this function or not.

Will I be able to use this integration wirelessly?

Yes, the TYRO terminals will operate either on wireless or the 3G connection, whichever is more stable at the time

What sort of merchant terminal should I get?

To see what is available from TYRO click here

How do I speak to someone from TYRO?

Just fill in the contact form below.

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