How to access Web Reports

Impos Web Reporting is available both on the terminals inside your venue and via an external link that can be provided by the Impos Support Team.


These reports look at your database and provide information based on a time and date filter set by the user.


The reports are set by default to be accessible to Admin users only.


There are over 90 different reports available that look at a range of different information.


These reports are downloadable in both PDF and Excel format from the platform.


To access Web Reports:


Click on the shortcut on the desktop or navigate to the address provided by the Impos support team.


Log in using your admin password. This is the same as the login and password set to access Back Office and Front Office Software.


Once you have logged in you'll be presented with xxx tabs.


Each of these contain varied reports with information based on the activity on your POS.


These reports are venue specific. For an integrated view of multiple venues, speak to the ImPOS Support Staff.


Select the link for the report that you wish to access. This will open a new window with the report.


Before the report is generated, you'll need to select the time and dates you wish to analyse. By default this will be from midnight (am) to 11.59.59 pm of the current day.


If you wish to change these default times speak with your Impos Support Team


Once you've selected the date range you'd like to analyse check off any other parameters available that you'd like to utilise.


Click here for a more information on how to use these drop down fields to refine your reports


To produce the report, hit 'Generate Report'.


If a report needs to look at a large amount of data, it can take some time to generate a report.


This will present the report in the web browser window.


Exporting Your Reports:


To export your report in either PDF or Excel, press either of the icons in the top left corner of the page.


This will download the report to your selected download file on your terminal or device.


If you are accessing the report on your terminal, you may need to save it to a USB device to access the report away from your POS.

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