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UPDATE: Due to Teamviewer regularly disallowing access where they determine that the activity is a commercial one, we have begun using Impos Connect to remotely access terminals. This is available for our clients also - Please see our article Connecting to your Venue Using Impos Connect for more information. 


If you are a new client, your Customer Concierge Coordinator will be able to assist you with accessing your Menu using Impos Connect prior to your install.

Teamviewer is third-party software that we use, which enables users to remotely access and control a computer with a web connection also running the Teamviewer software. Every computer is password protected and is only be available to those that have access credentials.


Teamviewer is free for personal use, but for commercial clients it does have a fee. Some of our clients have found that the company Teamviewer (not Impos) have prevented them from accessing their terminals because they have assessed that this is a business activity, not a personal one.


New installations

If you download Teamviewer 13 onto your own computer, the Customer Concierge team will provide you with access to a "Virtual Machine". This is set up on the Impos server, and is a virtual environment where you can make changes to your menu, and train your staff, right up until your installation date.  After your training you can access this machine to make any changes and become familiar with the software all the way up to the night before your install.


Remote Training

If you are not able to make it into one of our offices, you can train remotely with one of our staff. Make sure you download Teamviewer 13 and you'll be provided the credentials to access your virtual machine. This way you can engage with your menu design as you are trained over the phone by one of our staff.



Each terminal that we install comes with a version of Teamviewer so that the team can access your POS if support is required. Do not update to the latest version of Teamviewer without checking with the ImPOS Support Team. Upgrading may mean that ImPOS will not be able to access your terminals to support you.

This link provided has access to download a free Teamviewer session 

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