How to get installed with ImPOS

This is going to be a ride for you and your staff, without a doubt. All of our staff have been in the industry and know what it takes to open a new venue, even if you've done it many times over.

So, you'll need to meet your Account Manager, Casey. Casey has helped well over 300 venues get up and running with our Point of Sale solution.

Casey handles the scheduling of training and installation dates. She can help you get your menu out of your head and into a form that we can install into your system. You might not yet have a menu or a complete list of products that you'll be selling but don't worry the install process and training will allow you to get all the information in that you need quickly and easily.

Here's the best steps that you can take to ensure that your POS installed effectively and safely into your venue.

1. Fill out your Menu Template

Your Account Manager will provide you with an excel spreadsheet for you to fill out with the products that you are going to sell. Once we get this back we can get your template into a virtual machine and get ready for training. This way we can train you on the system that you will be using.

2. Finalise finance or payment

Payment of the invoice for hardware, software and services needs to be paid in full before it is released for freight or install. Be sure to organise any finance early as approval can take a little time. To finalise contact

3. Complete your training

Sounds kinda silly but this will help you feel more confident after seeing the POS in action. While it can be difficult to manage time closer to opening, it's important that someone from your staff (like a manager) attends an in-depth training either at our office or online. It generally runs  for around two hours, but basic users can pick it up within about 10-15 minutes.

You will need to download Teamviewer. Click here for links and information.

4. Have your venue ready

We all know that things don't go to plan. Sometimes there are delays for whatever reason when setting up a venue. One thing our techs cannot do is install on a site that is not ready for the public. Setting up a POS system on a build site is not an option as equipment can get moved and potentially damaged. The ImPOS system should be the last thing installed in your venue to ensure an effective solution.

5. Make sure your cabling is complete

It's best to seek the advice of one of our Business Development Managers or your Account Manager before getting a qualified technician to run any cabling that is required. It's important that this cabling is complete and tested before our technicians come onsite.

You can get in touch with our Account Managers at

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