What is Deputy?

'Deputy is the ultimate workforce manager, offering you the best technology in a web based solution. Simplifying your rostering, timesheets, tasking and employee communication administrative tasks. With brilliant apps and one click payroll integration we make your life easier.'

What Deputy does

Clients will use Deputy to write their rosters and manage staff costings, and when integrated with Impos, will allow immediate analysis of staff efficiency and wage costs hour on hour.

Impos is now integrating with Deputy pushes over Sales information to Deputy.

Staff and operators can use Deputy to manage venue rostering and replace shifts through phone, tablet and online portals.

How does it work with ImPOS?

In short, Impos exports sales information to Deputy, to help you more effectively roster your staff, and see real time efficiency of your shift labour vs sales.


What are the requirments for the Integration?

Currently this integration is being offered to our Premium clients and requires an upgrade to the latest Beta release.

Is this available for a company with multiple venues?

Companies with multiple sites running ImPOS that would like to integrate with Deputy must have multiple drop box accounts setup, 1 for each venue. These will be set to report to the company's Deputy account.

What other information does Impos push to Deputy?

Deputy only records Sales information, it doesn't take into account Payment information from Impos.

How does it work with my payroll?

Impos can push time and sales information but is unable to handle payroll information as a dedicated accounting suite can.

Deputy is able to push that information on to Xero, allowing users to handle payroll in their online portal.


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