Configure Meal Status

Configuring your meal statuses will present different Stauses available in the table layout in Front Office.

If you do not wish to see Meal Stauses in your table layout then you can choose to disable Meal Statuses in the bottom right hand corner.

To add a Meal Status select 'New' in the top right hand side of the window.

Fill out the Meal Status Name Field. This will appear at the bottom of the table layout.

Type the Status Icon Code. The best practice is to keep this capitalised and initialled; this is the clearest way to identify the Meal Status and not take up too much space in the table layout.

Set the Res. Status if you are using Resdiary. If not, move on.

If using dockets, select the Print Docket Checkbox. Leave blank if you do not wish to use this feature.

Note - If you are utilising the Resdiary Integration make sure you contact Resdiary before making any changes to the Meal Statuses. These will need to be mapped in the Resdiary platform.

Printing Meal Status

You'll notice that the field below allows you to set which print queues should print when the Menu Status is activated.

As you can see from this article, not all Meal Statuses need to be set to print. 

Generally the most important courses to be called away in a service are 'Mains' and 'Dessert'.

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