Check Info Panel

The Check Info Panel appears beneath the menu grid in your Front Office display. It contains information about the current check, and station, as well as some functions.




Check Info:

Emp: this is the employee currently logged in to the system

Order: the current order number. The "Order" tag will change to either Table or Tab if the current order is a table or tab order.

Date/Time: The current date and time are displayed in the top left corner

Check Id: Once an order is sent, a Check ID will be created, and that ID will be displayed here.

Sub Total – This is the total prior to any discounts or surcharges

Surcharge – Displays any check surcharge amount added to the entire bill.

Note: Payment surcharges are not added to the bill at this point - these are added once a payment method is selected.

Discount – This line displays the total of all discounts subtracted from the entire cost of the bill.

Total – Displays the total amount of the bill that is to be charged to the customer. This includes any surcharges or discounts. 


Station Info:

Price: This is the current active price set on the station.

Station: The name of the station



Hold: By clicking on "Hold" you can put the check on, or take the check off Hold.

Receipt: You can change the default receipt printing by clicking "Receipt"

Surcharge: Turn check surcharges on or off, or change which check surcharge is applied by clicking "Surcharge"




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