Modify Price

The modify price function allows a user at a terminal to permanently change the price of an item without accessing the back-office software. This function is typically assigned to a manager for security purposes.

To change the price of an item, select the item from the menu grid and press the modify price function button. (NB the modification will take place at the POS terminal, not in back office)

The following window will then appear. Upon selecting the update button, the price change will now replicate to back office and across the entire network.

Note: it is not necessary to change all 3 price sets, unless those price sets are in use.

Touch the update button, the price will now be updated in the back office and across the network.

Item Countdown

Item countdown can be enabled from the modify price window. This avoids a situation where wait staff may process orders for items that are no longer available. Once the availability of an item reaches zero, a pop-up will inform staff that the item is no longer in stock.



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