Table and Meal Status

The floor plan contains a lot of useful information about the status of table's booking, along with the progress of their meals. Using this tool effectively will save time and present clear communication between floor and kitchen staff.

Table Status

The layout will present your tables as square or rectangular boxes, with the table name or number in the middle of the box.

The colour will reflect the status of the table at all times.

Green – table is open and available

Yellow – table is currently selected. Tap once to select the table.

Red – table is being used. The table has an order attached to it that has not yet been paid.

Light Blue – table has cover assigned to it already, but no order has been placed. (This is a good way of advising staff that a table is booked or reserved.)

Dark Blue – table has been merged to another table. The only way a table can be unmerged is to pay the table off completely.

Orange – The bill has already been printed for the table. The bill can be printed at any time by pressing pre-print, located in the function grid.

Grey –table is locked as another user is accessing the table.

Purple - table is being held. To remove the hold, open the table and hit the 'holding...' button in the terminal status bar.

Meal Status

Meal Status is represented by way of a small bubble at the top of each table. The function of this status is to communicate the progress of a diner’s meal to front office staff.

It's important to remember that these are NOT related to course grouping even though these statuses may have the same name.

To change the meal status of a table, select the table by tapping it once and then tapping on the pre-set meal status at the bottom of the table layout. 

Printing Meal Status

Impos software can send a message to a nominated printer once the meal status has been engaged. This can be used to call courses 'away' if required.

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