Set Menus

If you want to manipulate or add to your set menu scroll down for the video.

Set Menus are special type of Item that charges a single amount for more than one product.

The Set Menu is the entity that contains the charge, while the items associated are charged at $0.00.

To add a new Set Menu;

Select Auto to generate a new number for the menu.

Fill in the details as required.

Click ‘Save New’ to save your new set-menu

Select the ‘Set Menu Details’ tab as shown below.

 The way that set menu's work is to charge an overall price for a number of items that will be charged as '$0'. 

This means that it's important to engage a price set that is set to charge '$0'.

The most important step is to change the price sets on the items being offered in the set menu to '$0' on at least one price level.

Once the prices on all the items to be offered in the set menu have been changed to '$0', You'll need to create a sublist. The idea here is to create a sublist that points to the price set that you've chosen to use for all your items.

Navigate to 'Sublists'

Click 'Auto' to create a new list number

Type a specific name for the list you are creating

Select the price set you are going to engage from 'Price Set Overview'

Press 'Save New'

Drag the items you are going to offer to the grid

Click update

Once you've updated this list you can close the window and navigate to set menus.

Hit the 'Set Menu Details' Tab and select ‘List’ from the type field.

Select the appropriate sub-list from the lists provided, it is possible to search the lists using the list number or list name.

Drag the appropriate list into the details table ‘shown above’

When a list is selected you can choose the minimum and maximum amount of items that may be chosen from the list.

Select ‘Update’ to save the changes you have made.

You can then add any other lists that you've created for this Set Menu.

These additional menue will appear in order in Front Office.

Once the Set Menu is configured you'll need to drag it into your menu design.

The Set Menu is now ready to be engaged in Front Office.

Note – If you would like to use current menu items in your Set-Menu, you must add them to a sub-list and set the sub-lists pricing set to a set that has 0 as the prices this will ensure the customers are charged only the Set Menu rate.

To add an item to a Set Menu;

Select ‘Item’ from the Type field, and select the appropriate item from the list.

It is possible to search the list using the Menu No, Name, or department of the item

Drag the appropriate item into the details table.

When an item is selected you can choose how many of that item will be included in the Set Menu by setting a quantity in the Qty field under the details table

Note – Items will be automatically added to the order when the set menu is chosen.

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