Price Actions and Price Rules


Price Actions and Price Rules are used to tell the ImPOS system to utilise a specific price set rather than the default one. This enables prices to be changed automatically based on time parameters.

Price Actions govern which price set to use, while Price Rules govern when to enact each particular Price Action.

NB: Before setting price actions and price rules, it is important to ensure that the required price sets have already been configured. Price changes implemented by actions and rules affect all items in ImPOS.

Setting up Price Actions 

  1. Select Price Actions from the POS functions menu
  2. Select the add tab to create a new price action
  3. Fill in the following fields:
    • Name – The title of the rule
    • Description – Outlines what the action will do
    • Value 1 - Specifies Which Price set will be activated by this action
  4. Select save

Once the Price Actions have been configured, navigate to Price Rules

  1. Select Price Rules from the POS functions menu
  2. Select new to create a price rule
  3. Select an action group from the action group dropdown list. All created groups will show in this list
  4. Nominate which stations will be affected by the specified price actions
  5. Select the dates you would like the rules to apply between (inclusive), in the rule applies from and to fields
  6. Select the times you would like the rules to apply
  7. If you would like the rule to apply only on given days of the week select specific days of the week and times of day, then specify the days and times you require.
  8. Select save
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