Categories and Departments

Back Office is the home of all the functions of ImPOS and where the database for the software is engaged.

Most of the time spent will be spent creating and editing Items.

So that users have an easy and comfortable experience it’s a important to understand the hierarchy of the system and how the system organizes itself. At the top of the ImPOS pyramid is;

Categories: Generally there’s not a great call to add a new category for many venues other than ‘Food’ and ‘Beverage’. If you begin to sell different products you may choose to add a category like ‘Merchandise’ for example or another category of products that are sold with a different rate of tax.

To add Categories open Back Office and navigate to Menu Items. Scroll down to Categories and select the 'Add Category tab'. Fill in the appropriate fields. Inside these Categories sit Departments.

Departments are the way that the system organizes items in terms of reporting and how the user can navigate Back Office.

To add a Department open Back Office and navigate to Menu Items. Scroll down to Department and select the Add Department tab. Fill in the appropriate fields. Departments cannot be deleted once they’ve been added. It’s important to assign new Items to the appropriate department to assist in accurate reporting and navigating Back Office.

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