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Items are the basic products that you sell your customers - be it a latte, a garlic pizza, a chicken parma or a doughnut - and they form the basic building blocks of your Impos Menu. Items are organised in Impos using Sublists, and can be customised using Adjustments and Modifiers.




In the image above, you can see that two Items have been ordered and appear in the Order Grid - Entree Platter For 4 and Beef Ribs 1 Rack.

Each Item has a default price (the item's price without any Adjustments, Modifiers or Price Actions), and can have as many other prices as you need. Prices are organised into Price Levels (used for sizes eg Pot/Schooner/Pint) and Price Sets (used for things like Happy Hour or Set Menus). All of the price settings can be managed easily using the Items window in Back Office, but can also be changed using the Item Price (once-only price change) and Modify Price (permanent price change) functions in Front Office. 

Modifiers attach to items and can add or subtract from the price. Some common modifiers are Soy Milk for coffees, or Medium Rare for steaks. You can have it so that when an Item is ordered, a pop up window (or series of pop-up windows) will appear with various Adjustment and Modifier options. This is called an Auto Modifier.

For reporting and accounting purposes, Items are organised into Catagories and Departments to keep them organised and easily compared when looking at reporting. Catagories and Departments are purely for reporting, and are not the same as Sublists, although customers often use Departments as the basis for Sublists.

You can attach images to items, as well as information, or instructions on how to serve using Item Info.



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