Membership Card Types

To access Membership Card Types, navigate to Membership Module and select Membership Card Types in Impos Back Office

 Using Membership card types

Membership cards can be used in a number of different ways;

  • Points can be added to the card per dollar amount spent at the venue.
  • Points can be redeemed at the venue for a set dollar amount per points.
  • Discounts can be offered to membership card holders based on their accrued points.
  • Set value cards can be sold at and redeemed at the venue, such as Gift Vouchers
  • Recharge Cards which encourage members to recharge their cards with additional funds, as a $100 recharge may give $115 credit.
  • A price set such as a happy hour can be applied when the member is assigned to the sale

Different card types with different reward schemes are set up in Membership card types

 Adding Membership Card Types in Back Office

  1. Select the ‘Add’ tab.
  2. Fill in the required fields as desired.
  3. Card type – Add a name for the card type.
  4. Loyalty points – Set how many points the card starts with.
  5. Price – Set the price of the card.
  6. Rebate Amount – Set the amount of extra cash value that is added to the card at purchase, setting this amount at $50 means that the card will be redeemable for $50 more than the purchase price.
  7. Use limit – The amount of times a card can be used as a payment before it expires.
  8. Expiry day – This sets the amount of days after the card was purchased that the card will expire.
  9. Loyalty $ - Sets the amount of points that are accrued per dollar amount spent. If this was set to $50 = 10 points it means that for every $50 spent the card would accrue 10points. It’s best to keep the dollars low to reward members for every transaction.
  10. Pay by points – This sets the amount of dollars each point is redeemable for. If this was set to 10 points = 1 dollar it means that the card holder can redeem 1 dollar value for every 10 points currently on the card.
  11. Price Set: This determines which price set, if any, is applied when the card is swiped.
  12. Points tab – Is used to set discounts that change after a set points level is reached. For example, at 0 points the card entitles the holder to a 10% discount, when the user reaches 200 points the card will then entitle the user to a 20% discount.
  13. Upgrade tab - automatically upgrades the card to a higher level of card when the card reaches a set amount of points. For example, when a basic card reaches 500points it will be upgraded to a VIP card. The membership will automatically be moved from one Card Type to another the next time the member is assigned to a sale.
  14. Recharge tab - Allows the card holder to be rewarded for recharging their card. If the following card is recharged with $100 the card will be rewarded with an extra $10 dollars credit.

To edit a member card type, select the card type you wish to edit from the list provided, edit the fields as required and click ‘Update’ to save your changes.

To delete a card type, select the card type you wish to delete and select the ‘Delete’ button.

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