Resdiary Process

Please note that Resdiary is no longer supported by the most recent versions of Impos. Please consider using RoomKey or Hirum if you would like to integrate your booking software with Impos.

This article looks at the process of making a booking with the Resdiary platform and accessing the information on your POS from any terminal.

Resdiary Platform:

  1. From the Resdiary platform, create a new booking by filling out the relevant fields. If you have filled the customer notes and the booking notes (highlighted), they will be pushed through to the table plan in Front Office.
  2. Select the number of guests and the best available table.
  3. Press 'Complete'

This will push a booking through to the 'Not Seated' Column in the Table Layout Plan. You may need to press 'refresh' to see the booking appear.

To seat the booking:

Highlight the booking by pressing it once and press 'seat booking'.

This will automatically assign the booking to the table chosen in the Resdiary platform.

Once we highlight the table we can see the booking and customer notes in the left hand column. These are available for staff at any time during the customers visit.

Now that the table is highlighted, we can open the table with the ‘Open Table’ button underneath the booking column.

The table is selected in the info grid. Now we can get clients favourite dishes and drinks ordered.

Using Meal Status's with Resdiary:

If we highlight the table by pressing it once then select the ‘Entrée’ Meal Status in the floorplan, the 'E' icon will appear,  telling other POS users that the diners have entree's on the way.

The entree menu status will be reflected as the single plate icon in Resdiary.

If we are going to order mains for the customer we can highlight the table and check our booking notes if required.

To engage the next meal status we can press the ‘Mains’ meal status button and select the table. It's important to note that the customer and booking notes are still available in the booking info screen.

The process for pushing the desert meal status to the Resdiary Platform is the same as the first two courses.

Note: It's important to note that meal status are configurable within Back Office. They do not need to be called 'Entree', 'Main' and 'Dessert' these can be configured to have different course settings. Best to speak with your ImPOS Account manager or your Dimmi Contact befor making these changes. This will depend on your table mapping set out in Resdiary.

Cashing Off a Table reflected in Resdiary:

Once the customer is ready to pay the bill and the table has been finalised it will appear as closed in the Resdiary Platform.

Access ImPOS billing history in Resdiary:

To access the bill information, you can click on the ‘Edit (Process)’ Button.

If you head to ‘History’ you’ll be taken to the most recent billing information for that customer.

You can also head to the EPOS tab to scroll through recent billing information.

Walk Ins

Any table entered in ImPOS that has not been seated from a Resdiary booking will show up in the Resdiary platform as a Walk In.

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