Items Sold by Weight - Coming Soon

Impos has developed the functionality for items to be sold by weight. This requires one of three models of scales to be setup and connected to your POS terminal. Impos support is able to set this up for you, and are available 24/7 on 1300 780 268.

To set an item up to be sold by weight, head to Back Office, and select ‘Items’ from the ‘Menu Details’ dropdown.


We’ll cover the process of editing items to be sold by weight here, however to learn the basics of creating and editing items head to the item tutorial here.

When editing and creating items, you can select the ‘Weight’ checkbox. This indicates to the system that this item will be sold by weight and that the quantity that is being sold in kgs will be received from the scale attached to the POS.


Once the weight has been ticked, the price assigned to the item is the per Kg price. In the example above, Ethiopian Beans have a sale price of $38.95 per Kg.

The Tare weight field gives you the opportunity to enter a packaging weight that the customer is not charged for. In the example above, the tare weight is 0.15Kg, so if the weight placed on the scale was 1.000Kg, the POS would sell 0.850Kg (1.000Kg – 0.150Kg = 0.850Kg)

Once you’ve edited your product and it’s on the screen through your Menu Design, it’s time to head to Front office to sell.

The process for selling an item by weight is very simple.

1. Place the item on the scale

2. Select the item from the Menu Design, and the POS will read the current weight on the scale, then show the scale weight, tare weight, price per Kg, and final price.


3. At this stage, pressing “OK” will order the item as regular, with the Quantity in the product cart indicating the amount in Kg the customer is charged for.


Notes on selling items by weight:

  • The quantity measured by the scale cannot be altered by the POS. Once the item is in the cart, the QTY cannot be altered without voiding the item and re-weighing the item.
  • Discounts to items sold by weight can all be applied as normal.
  • Customer Receipts for items sold by weight appear slightly differently than regular items, and have the weight explicitly listed, as well as the price per Kilogram


If you have any questions please give Impos Support a call on 1300 780 268. 


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