Assigning Members to a Sale or Payment

Using Impos Membership in Front office

To use Impos Membership, the membership administration and membership payment functions will need to be made available in the front office window. To add these functions to your screen, open back office, then navigate to POS functions and select menu functions.

In the searching criteria section, select function from the type dropdown, and add membership admin to the  function list. Function List appears along the bottom of your screen throughout a transaction on the POS terminal, and is accessible by pressing the Function List tab (although you can add this function to any screen on your POS).

You will also need to add the payment type associated with membership. To do this, remain in the menu design section, select pay method from the type dropdown and add the member payment method to the screen. If you wish to accept membership payments using split bills, you will need to add an additional copy of the member payment option to the Pay Method List section.

To open the membership administration panel in front office, you can either swipe the member card or select the membership admin button. From this screen, you can search the keywords field for existing members using names, phone numbers, and card IDs, or enter a new card ID to create a member.


Creating a new member

Enter a unique identifier in the keyword field. This will become the card ID. Once entered, select new, nominate the card type, then fill out the customer details in the fields shown below.

Once completed, press OK and a confirmation screen will be displayed, along with a prompt to assign the member to the sale.

Assigning an existing member

Select the desired member from the list and press assign. Here you can view basic user information, as well as perform other functions including recharging the account, editing customer details and viewing their last order. You are also able to reorder a previous purchase.

Once a member has been assigned to a sale, the system will automatically apply any discounts to which they are entitled, along with any price sets (such as happy hour prices) for all items added.

To use the membership card as a payment type, select the member button and you’ll be prompted to either swipe the card, or to enter a member manually by pressing the keyboard icon. Once the member is selected, pressing assign will be permitted should the member have enough points or credit to process the sale.

If a customer requests to pay only a portion of the bill using their member credit, enter the amount using the regular keypad before pressing the member payment.


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