Creating new stock items

Stock items are the things you actually stock, for example, a side of beef, a keg of beer, a bottle of vodka, a bag of coffee beans.

Stock items are separate from your menu items, as what you sell may be portions or multiples of what you actually stock. In order to accurately manage your stocktake, we will have to manage these separately.

In order to create new stock items, we’ll use the Impos Stock Module

  • Stock
  • Stock item

  • Select the Add Tab

  • In order to create new items, we must first define our measurement fields. These can be added by pressing the + symbol next to each field, or can be selected from the existing drop downs.
    • Stock item name: The name of the stock item
    • Category: The grouping for the stock items
    • Location: Also used for the grouping of stock items by area
    • Measurement description: How the item leaves the venue, for instance, spirits typically in ML, Bottled beer typically in Bottle, Wine in ML, retail items in Each
    • Unit Desc: How the item is counted. Great idea to specify the type of vessel and its size/volume, ie 700ml bottle, 49L keg, Cigar
    • Order Unit Desc: How you order it. Ie Slab, Bottle, Keg, Box of 12, Box of 6
  • Each of these fields has a relationship to the one underneath it
    • Measurement/unit: How many of the measurement units are in each Countable unit. Ie if we have a 700ml spirit bottle that we sell in 30ml shots, the Measurement will be ML, the Measurement/unit will be 700, and the unit will be 700ml bottle.
    • Unit/Order unit: How many of the units we count are in what we order. This can be individual if you order it one by one, or it can be multiple. Ie If we have a beer which we count by the 330ml bottle, and we order it in a slab of 24, the Unit Desc will be 330ml bottle, Unit/order unit will be 24, and the order unit desc will be Slab of 24
  • Once the relevant measurement units are available, they can be selected for use later on.
  • To create a new item, leave the stock number blank (the system will generate a number for you)
  • Enter the stock item Name
  • Select the measurement desc, Unit Desc and Order unit desc by using the drop down list
  • Set the relationships between the above 3.
  • Fill in the minimum and maximum levels. This relates to the Unit Description.
  • Select the Category that the item belongs to (this once again can be added to by pressing the + button.)
  • Select the supplier (this once again can be added to by pressing the + button.)
  • The supplier stock number relates to the supplier specific number to their ordering system.
  • The unit cost can be entered at this stage. Please note it is an EX GST figure
  • If you have a starting stock of the item (and do not wish to enter it as an invoice) you are able to enter a Stock unit now.
  • If the item does not incur GST, untick the check box.
  • Once the item has all fields filled, press Save
  • At this stage the system will prompt if you would like to create a menu item. For the moment select no.


Examples below of some common items, as each one has a slightly different relationship between Measurement, Units and Order units.



Bottle of Wine


Bottled Beer


Keg Beer

Food measured in KG

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