Using Impos and Cloud Membership

Impos has partnered with an integration middleware program called Doshii to provide cloud Membership to Impos customers. This now means that your Membership rewards can be accessed through a number of online programs, and you can reward your customers for attending all of your stores that are linked together. Regardless of which Membership partner you choose, they will appear under the banner of ‘Doshii Membership’.

In order to access your Membership in the cloud, you’ll first have to be on the latest version of Impos software, and be signed up to one of our Membership partners (such as Collect apps).

Once you’ve been set up and upgraded, you’ll need to add a couple of functions to your Impos screen. To do this, head to Back Office and then Menu Design.

Functionalities you will need to add:

  • ‘Doshii Membership’
  • ‘Un-assign Doshii Membership’
  • ‘Get Rewards’

As these will apply to most transactions, it’s worthwhile putting them in the Function List that appears at the bottom of all pages. However you can place them wherever you’d like.

Once these have been placed on your screen, you will be able to assign members and redeem rewards in the Front Office system.

To continue this walkthrough, close Back Office and head to Front office, where we will process a sale with a ‘Doshii Member’ attached.

Once you are logged in to Front Office, populate the transaction as normal. In this instance we’re going to add some coffees to the transaction.

You can assign a Member to the transaction at any time before paying it off, however you’ll have to assign a Member to the sale in order to have them earn points/rewards and redeem rewards.

To assign a Member to the sale, press ‘Doshii Membership’.

You will then be presented with the Membership selection screen. If there are no members, or the member that you are looking for is not in the list, select the ‘Sync Members’ button to populate the list from your cloud Membership system.

You have the ability to search for Members in a number of methods, or create Members in the POS. We’ll start by selecting an existing Member by searching for their name. This process can also be driven by swipe cards, or by searching via any other field.

Selecting the ‘Name Field’ will produce the keyboard, allowing you to search for Members. To assign the Member to the sale, select the member and then choose ‘Assign’.

You’ll then see that the Member is now assigned to the sale in the Summary Bar, as shown below. If the incorrect member has been assigned to the sale, use the ‘Un-assign Doshii Membership’ function we placed on the screen earlier.

With the Member assigned to the sale, you are able to check to see if they have any rewards available. To check available rewards/apply rewards, choose ‘Get Rewards’.

There are two types of rewards. The first is fixed Discounts, which have been applied. The second is Points, with each point being equal to $0.01, i.e. 250 points = $2.50.

The total of the current Check is listed in the top right of this page.

The text displayed in each selection box is the name of the rewards program that the reward is from. In this case, the name of the demonstration rewards program is called ‘Impos Release Notes’. This client unfortunately does not have any points to spend, as seen in the second half of the screen. However in the top half, it has a 5% reward available.

To redeem the 5% reward, first select the reward and then press the ‘Apply Reward’ function.

Once this has been confirmed with your cloud Membership, the Discount will then be applied to the transaction and is visible in the Summary Bar.

Rewards that are a fixed dollar value will also appear as a Discount, however as a discount of a fixed dollar amount.

Now let’s finalise the transaction by cashing this transaction off as normal. The system will prompt to ensure that you wish to redeem the reward, as this will then remove the reward from the cloud Membership platform.

If you wish remove a Doshii reward, use the ‘Void Bill Discount’ function in Impos. Otherwise, just continue and the reward will be redeemed.

To report on Discounts that have been redeemed from your cloud Membership platform, the discounts will appear as ‘DoshiiCheckSurcountPercentage’.

The other method of redeeming a reward is via Points. In order to redeem Points, you must first have the Member assigned to the sale, and then you’ll be able to press the ‘Get Rewards’ button.

In the redemption window you’ll see the number of Points available and their dollar value. To redeem these Points, select the application from which you’d like to deduct Points, and select the Point entry area underneath the ‘Redeem Points’ button. You’ll then be prompted to enter the number of Points to redeem; once entered, simply press the ‘Redeem Points’ button and the relevant Discount amount will be applied to the transaction.

Please note, only one reward can be applied to a bill.

Members can also be created from the POS system, by heading to the Doshii Membership function, and pressing ‘New’.

You’ll then be able to create a Member by entering their Name and a Card Number (which will be their unique identifier).

Once the new Member has been saved you have the ability to assign them to a transaction as per the steps above.


If you have been using Impos Membership and are migrating to a cloud Membership platform, it is advised that you no longer use the Impos Membership functionality. You are able to maintain both systems side by side, however doing so means that new Members created in the local Membership will not appear in your cloud Membership, and your loyal customers won’t be rewarded for all of their transactions.

The transaction will be sent at the time of applying a Reward to the Check, this means that Production Dockets will be printed when the ‘Get Rewards’ function is pressed.

The Rewards have a 30-second window from when they are applied to the Check, until the time they must be redeemed. If more than 30-seconds has elapsed between applying the Reward and cashing off the transaction, the reward will not be redeemed and must be removed from the bill and re-added.

Any questions please call Impos Support on 1300 780 268.

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